There is an established Board of the Municipality pursuant to the Urban Areas and Cities Act 2011. The Chief Officer responsible for Urban Development and Finance, for the time being, is an ex-officio member of the board.

The Board of the Municipality is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and in its corporate name, shall be capable of: -

  1. Suing and being sued;
  • Taking, purchasing or otherwise acquiring, holding, charging or disposing of movable and immovable property;
  • Borrowing money or making investments;
  • Resolving conflicts;
  • Entering into contracts; and
  • Doing or performing all other acts or things for the proper performance of its functions in accordance with the Urban Areas and Cities Act 2011 or any other written law which may lawfully be done or performed by a body corporate.

Subject to the Constitution, the Urban Areas and Cities Act and any other written law, the Board of the Municipality shall: -

  • exercise authority as delegated by the County Executive Committee on the following matters;
    • Promotion, regulation and provision of refuse collection and solid waste management services
    • Promotion and regulation of Environmental conservation and management
    • Promotion and provision of water and sanitation services and infrastructure (in areas within the Municipality not served by the Water and Sanitation Provider)
    • Construction and maintenance of urban roads, associated infrastructure and ICT hubs.
    • Development of municipal plans  and budget estimates for implementation
  • Develop performance management contracting, monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Construction and maintenance of storm drainage and flood controls;
  • Construction and maintenance of walkways, footbridges and other non-motorized transport infrastructure;
  • Construction and maintenance of street lighting;
  • Construction, maintenance and regulation of traffic controls and parking facilities;
  • Regulation and management of traffic
  • Construction and maintenance of bus stands, taxi stands and Boda Boda shades ;
  • Regulation of outdoor advertising;
  • Construction, maintenance and regulation of municipal markets toilets and abattoirs;
  • Construction and maintenance of fire stations; provision of fire-fighting services, emergency preparedness and disaster management;
  • Promotion, regulation and provision of municipal sports, cultural and entertainment activities;
  • Promotion, regulation and provision of animal control and welfare;
  • Development and enforcement of municipal plans and development control;
  • Beautification of the town, including the erection of street furniture;
  • Municipal administration services (including construction and maintenance of administrative offices);
  • Promoting and undertaking infrastructural development and services within their jurisdiction;
  • Maintain proper records of assets and liabilities of the municipal
  • Ensure provision of services to its residents;
  • Impose such fees, levies and charges as may be authorized by the County Government for efficient service delivery;
  • Promote constitutional values and principles;
  • Ensure the implementation and compliance with policies formulated by both the National and County Governments;
  • With the approval of the County Executive Committee make by-laws or make recommendations for issues to be included in by-laws;
  • Ensure participation of the residents in decision making, in its activities and programs;
  • Benchmark the best practices in urban management and development and implement them accordingly;
  • Regulate urban transport management system;
  • Build capacity of the Board and the staff;
  • Develop a one-stop shop service delivery resource centre; and
  • Exercise such other powers as may be delegated by the County Executive Committee.

3.2.3 Notwithstanding the provision of section 3.2.2a of this Charter, such functions shall be delegated gradually as may be determined by the county executive committee.